Removal of presidential portrait borders on treason

Kiambu Jubilee leaders led by Governor William Kabogo and Women Representatives Annah Nyokabi have castigated Siaya Governor Cornell Rasanga for “belittling the Presidency” by calling on CORD affiliated governors to pull down Uhuru Kenyatta’s portrait from their offices.

Kabogo and Nyokabi criticised their Siaya counterpart’s clarion call to all CORD governors to remove President Uhuru Kenyatta’s portrait from their offices saying the president’s portraits must be put in prominent places in all government offices as a symbol of national unity.

Governor Rasanga made the call during a joint memorial service for Jaramogi Oginga Odinga and Fidel Odinga at the Jaramogi University grounds in Bondo on Saturday.

He reportedly urged all Cord governors to remove Mr Kenyatta’s portraits and replace them with those of CORD co-principal Raila Odinga saying that this would be a show of honour to the former prime minister.

The leaders said the raging debate on whether to use the president’s portraits or not sparked by Rasanga urging his 24 counterparts in the CORD coalition to use the opposition leader Raila Odinga’s portraits instead of the President were in bad taste ahead of 2017 polls.

The leaders noted that Rasanga, who has maintained that he has not broken any law and was just honouring and showing allegiance to his political leader, was sowing seeds of discord between CORD and jubilee supporters.

Speaking on the sidelines of unveiling Sh 54 million bursaries for short courses targeting the youth without formal education across the 12 constituencies at a Kiambu hotel, Ms Nyokabi said Rasanga’s calls bordered on treason.

‘Political leaders who lack leadership etiquette do not deserve elective positions in this country. They should respect the presidency as an institution. Kenyatta is regarded highly globally even from Superpowers like the United States,’ said the County legislator.

Nyokabi said the Affirmative Action Fund will help the youth, women and people living with disabilities to add value to their products and earn their livelihoods as they engage in meaningful income generating ventures.

On corruption, the Women MP called for an incisive second radical surgery at the judiciary that is riddled with corruption allegations involving senior members of the bench among them Supreme Court Judge Philip Tunoi.

‘It is disheartening to hear corruption allegations involving judicial officers who are the epitome of the highest moral standards to enable them dispense justice to the aggrieved parties,’ said the Kiambu County MP.

On the same score, Governor Kabogo said President Kenyatta is the President of Kenya and not a section of the country as perceived in Rasanga’s narrow mind-set.

‘The presidency represents the well-being of Kenyans across the board and is a unifying symbol for the Kenyan nation and not sectarian as insinuated by Rasanga,’ said Kabogo.

He said that Kenya is governed under one president and not the opposition chief as alleged by Rasanga.

The Governor, who was speaking at Ndumberi Youth Polytechnic where 1,200 youth graduated with skill enhancement courses in woodwork, welding and fabrication, masonry, hairdressing and beauty therapy, said the county will support the youth in harnessing their talents.

‘This programme will be rolled-out across the county to ensure our youth become wealth creators amid growing rates of unemployment witnessed in the country,’ said Governor Kabogo.

He urged the 300 groups identified in the county to seek tender opportunities from the county government in a bid to enable them become self-reliant.

By Yobesh Onwong’a

Source: KNA