Religious leaders calls for repentance

The Church in an important institution in governance of a country but has been faulted for compromising with sin and abetting crime, therefore bringing suffering to the people.

While talking to KNA from the Information office in Kiambu on Monday, elder Joseph Wanyugi Wainaina said God was unhappy with the nation and that they should go down in prayers for three days.

Elder Wainaina cited the challenges that have afflicted the citizens like the strike by the nurses, doctors, university lecturers and the repeat of the general elections as some of the happenings that reflect Gods unhappiness with our country.

The elder who preaches at the Administration Police Chapel in Kiambu narrated to KNA how he saw a vision in which God instructed him to tell the Kenyan Nation that they were on the wrong path.

For this reason the nation needs to pray for three days to appease God, he said.

The elder further observed that people in Kiambu were now engaging in sodomy while others were engaging in homosexuality which he warned was unbiblical and should be condemned by all religious leaders who should stop burying their heads in the sand.

He said when one committed an abomination, everyone in the society should condemn it and hold them accountable for their actions so as to deter others who could emulate ungodly behaviour.

Such people should be handed over to corrective institutions where they will be reprimanded so that they do not continue to cause trouble in the community, he said.

The church elder added in his vision, the Lord said the Nation should pray for the 3 days. He said members of all denominations should team up and pray together for the peaceful transition as Kenyans usher in the 2nd term of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s reign on Tuesday at the Kasarani grounds.

Source: Kenya News Agency