Reject extremism, Muslim youth told

Muslim youth in the country have been urged to reject religious extremism in all its forms and embrace peace and unity.

Sheikh Nuru Mohamed a visiting scholar from the United Kingdom said it is time religious leaders tackled the spread of radical ideology and violence.

The visiting cleric, a British citizen of Nigerian descent was addressing hundreds of Muslim youth at the Jaffery Islamic centre in Mombasa during religious lectures organised by the Coast Interfaith Council of Clerics (CICC).

Sheikh Mohamed who is the founder of the Islamic Research and Da’awah Foundation (IRDF) said Islam stands for peace and tolerance and that extremism and terrorism have no place in religion.

‘As scholars we have a great responsibility to ensure extremism and radical ideologies are not tolerated by the Muslim community,’ he said.

The cleric who is delivering a series of lectures in Mombasa said religious extremism is the biggest threat facing the world today and called on religious leaders to counter the ‘narrative of Islamic radicalisation’.

Sheikh Mohamed says Islam is peace and indeed peace should be the true reflection of the religion and that is the message that needs to be ‘promoted as we seek to confront extremism’.

Sharif , the Mombasa branch chairman of the Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (Supkem) called on the faithful to discard their ideological differences and forge for greater unity and confront extremism.

Sheikh Mudhar says extremists seek to spread fear, destruction and disunity through religious bigotry which have no place in Islam.

He blamed the phenomena of the rise of extremist groups and religious fanatics in the religion on misguided interpretation of Islam.

Hassan Ole Naado the deputy secretary general of Supkem asked the youth to reject to be brainwashed to commit acts of terror.

Source: Kenya News Agency