Regulate boda bodas

The decision by the Nairobi County government to outlaw motorcycle taxis from the city centre raises important questions about regulations in public transport.

For a long time, boda boda taxis have been unregulated and have no qualms flouting traffic rules.

However, rather than impose a blanket ban yet the motorcycle taxis provide a much-needed service, especially due to the heavy traffic jams in the city, it would have been more prudent to regulate them.

First, the county government should zone the city and register the motorcycle taxis plying each area.

This will make it easier to police them.

Second, all registered riders should be required to obey all traffic rules at all times to reduce the number of crashes involving them.

The county should also invest in policing, including use of cameras, to arrest those who flout traffic rules.

To eliminate motorcycle taxis in the long run, however, the county must invest in a mass transit train and bus system and make it safe and viable for individuals to ride around the city by cracking down on rogue PSVs and other motorists who make roads unsafe for motorcycle riders.