Registration of octogenarians launched

Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed has denied that Kenya’s ambassadors to various countries have come back to campaign for Jubilee Party.

The CS said that those in the country had taken leave after learning institutions in assigned countries went on recess.

While launching registration of octogenarians who would be paid cash transfer funds soon at Kakamega Approved School, the CS said diplomats were free to move round the country while on leave

The CS and Amb. George Masafu, Kenya’s ambassador to DRC, called for upholding of virtues among the old people so as to enable them live longer.

Amb. Mohammed concurred with Mr. Masafu that partaking of alcohol by the aged could consign them to death beds.

The duo dissuaded beneficiaries of cash transfer fund from drowning the money in beer, pointing out that it was unhealthy for the old people to take alcohol.

Amb. Mohammed urged those being given the money to reciprocate by voting for President Uhuru Kenyatta who had actualized the programme.

The Cabinet Secretary observed that the introduction of National

Hospital Insurance Fund for all octogenarians would enhance their living standards.

This, and their monthly payment of Sh6, 000 from next January, would enable them lead dignified life, she stressed. Currently the aged receive Sh 2000 monthly.

She was flanked by other ambassadors including Geofrey Okang’a (Uganda), Bramwel Kisuya (Spain) and Florence Weche (India).

Kakamega County Commissioner Kang’ethe Thuku said that there were over 11, 000 people receiving cash transfer funds in the area.

Source: Kenya News Agency