Regional peace festival to commemorate peace accord

Pastoralist communities from Turkana, Uganda, Ethiopia and South Sudan will on Friday gather in Lokiriama, near the border of Kenya and Uganda to commemorate the annual Lokiriama peace accord.

The celebration aims to remember the day when the Turkana of Kenya and Karamojong of Uganda resolved to end their conflicts which had led to loss of many lives in 1973.

According to former Turkana Central Member of Parliament, Emmanuel Imana, the elders from the two communities held a month long feast which culminated in burying of weapons like guns, bows and arrows and other weapons at Lokiriama.

A monument is erected where the weapons were buried. The event is celebrated every year on September 21 but this year it will be commemorated on October 12.

Imana said the postponement was due to some logistical challenges.

The Devolution Cabinet Secretary, Eugene Wamalwa will be the chief guest at the ceremony. A minister from Uganda is also expected to grace the event.

The commemoration also helps other communities to benchmark on how to resolve disputes, said Imana who is also a member of the Nyumba Kumi Secretariat.

Leaders will on Thursday evening meet in Moroto Uganda to discuss issues affecting the communities among them insecurity.

Imana said the communities along the border of Kenya and Uganda are enjoying peace dividends among them the construction of a road linking Lodwar and Moroto.

He added that schools and health centers have been constructed along the border to boost economic development and well being of the communities.

Source: Kenya News Agency