Regional experts to address chronic malnutrition

The East, Central and Southern Africa Health Community (ECSA-HC) has introduced in-service nutrition training package for health workers.

The training will see them build on knowledge, skills and competencies in their facilities that will maximize nutritional benefits.

The Health Community Director General, Yoswa Mbulalina said the in-service package that provides technical reference resources will cover nutrition-specific and sensitive topics necessary for the frontline workers in all contexts.

The use of this training package will help to strengthen nutrition practices across countries in an effort to scale up effective implementation of high impact nutrition interventions in the region, he said.

Mbulalina who was speaking during a dissemination meeting for capacity development for nutrition in Kenya, added that training is one of the key actions necessary to facilitate implementation and scaling up of high impact nutrition interventions in the region, and will improve service delivery to the end users at all levels.

Frontline health workers form the first and most critical contact for all nutrition services at the community and health facility level, added Mbulalina.

The ECSA-HC has also developed a regional pre-service nutrition model curriculum for front line health workers in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

The nutrition model was developed involved the training institutions, regulatory bodies and professional associations, ministry of health representatives from the three countries, non-governmental organizations and special interest groups.

Through the support of the World Bank, the model curriculum will form a vital component in building capacity for nutrition services thereby reducing the existing gaps in the provision of nutrition services in the region.

Source: Kenya News Agency