Region receives rain after long dry spell

A heavy downpour was received in Marsabit town and its environs for the best part of Friday after a long dry spell.

The downpour was also reported in various other parts of Marsabit County, including Bubisa, Maikona, Laisamis and Loglogo.

Residents are calling on the government to speed up plans to construct dams to harvest the water.

The rains came with thick mist and fog that made visibility almost impossible in Marsabit town and motorists had to drive at low speed and with lights on.

The Marsabit Central Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), Joseph Nyakwara cautioned motorists to be extra careful when approaching seasonal rivers.

Nyakwara said that the rivers and streams are bound to rejuvenate with the rains, hence the need to drive with care to minimize accident situations.

Rains in these dry areas are always accompanied by chaff streams and rejuvenated rivers which motorists should approach with utmost care so that they don’t get swept away by the raging water, he advised.

The administrator also asked residents to harvest the water from their rooftops and stock it for use when the rains subside.

A resident of Shauri-Yako estate appealed to the county government to construct pans and earth dams for collecting rain water.

The county government recently announced major plans to construct dams across the county to harness water for domestic and irrigation use.

Source: Kenya News Agency