Reformed juvenile offenders to benefit from bursary fund

Reformed, bright and needy juvenile offenders will benefit from a bursary kitty, courtesy of the probation department to enable them access education.

Kisii County probation director, Zachary Maroko said they had approved bursary for reformed juvenile probationers who were bright but challenged in raising school fees.

Maroko confirmed this to the Gucha Sub-County probation department’s case committee Wednesday.

Most juveniles on probation disclose to us that their low level of economic standards makes it impossible for their parents or caregivers to adequately meet all their basic needs, a situation that pushes them into criminal activities that later land them in trouble with the law, he said.

He noted that for those juveniles, who are forced by circumstances to resort to crime, are often apologetic and reforming them is easier and faster so long as their needs are met and living standards made bearable.

The main challenge probation officers face is changing the family and community members’ attitude concerning young offenders who have reformed since they still brand them as criminals. They also discriminate against them and neglect meeting their basic needs, Maroko observed.

He said that just like any human being who needs love, care and a sense of belonging; these children need it even more because they are struggling to redeem their image and self-esteem that is already destroyed and are solitarily suffering in silence.

That is the reason why our department has made provision to assist those juveniles who are still in school and performing well academically, but are unable to raise school fees because of biting poverty in their homes.

Mr. Jared Atinda, Gucha Sub-County probation officer confirmed to the committee that he has already received a cheque of worth Sh.40, 000 to assist a reformed juvenile orphan in secondary school but is under the care of her grandparents who can only afford to provide her with food.

We are grateful to the County probation department for considering offering bursary to bright and needy juvenile probationers in this Sub-County because the probability of them resorting back to crime if their basic needs are not adequately met are high, he noted.

We hope that many more will get necessary help to avert them from becoming perpetual law perpetrators, Atinda commented.

Source: Kenya News Agency