Recognise opposition chief Raila Odinga

A Jubilee Party Legislator in Embu County, John Muchiri of Runyenjes Constituency on Thursday broke ranks with majority of his Party Leaders by demanding that Opposition chief, Raila Odinga rightfully deserves recognition as an astute statesman.

He further vouched for creation of constitutional structures to ensure that he is given space to articulate his ideas, which in any case cannot be wished away with, specifically at this time when he has himself shelved his ambitions and those of his supporters to be sworn in as the ‘Peoples President’.

Mr Muchiri, in a candid interview emphasised that it is no longer tenable, for the ruling party to persist on wishing away the Opposition Leader, considering his un-matched persuasion in a large segment of the Country.

‘Raila is not just an ordinary politician like me and you’, he told those who insist on throwing tantrums towards him.

‘Let us appreciate him and probably consider allocating a viable platform for him to advance genuine Political space as leader of opposition instead of living in denial’, he advised noting that the Country has in the past few days been gripped with anxiety over the likely political ramifications that would have resulted from his swearing in, unconstitutional as the idea may have been perceived.

The vocal Legislator’s line of thought, likely to attract wrath and admonition in equal measure from sections of Jubilee Party die hard comes quick on the heels of a decision by Mr Odinga, not to accept his being sworn in as widely anticipated. He described this gesture as a genuine and un-matched demonstration of statesman in the face of intense push by his supporters.

He further said the Ruling Party, and all of us who are concerned about Kenya should consider this as a gesture of goodwill, ‘creating a good opportunity for us to soul search and find a lasting solution to pertinent problems engulfing the Nation. ‘Truth be told, Kenya has been on grip of precipice as a result of economic melt- down’, he recalled adding that the economy is now likely to pick up.

On Embu Politics, Muchiri, one of the Jubilee elected legislators facing election petition expressed fears that the County might not take off development wise as a result of protracted political battles.

‘We are reputed as a county that spends most of our energies on Politics specifically as witnessed during the last Five years of devolution, he said.

Both Muchiri who represents the populous Manyatta Constituency and Governor Martin Nyaga Wambora are facing petitions.

Source: Kenya News Agency