Rasanga Wants President Obama to Bring Goodies

Siaya county is not on US President Barack Obama’s itinerary but leaders still want him to give them gifts worth billions of shillings.

A university, a children’s hospital and a hydro-power plant are what Obama should deliver, Governor Cornel Rasanga said on Thursday.

The county boss said he still wants Obama to visit Nyangoma Kogello, the ancestral home of his father.

He spoke at Senator Obama Primary School, where he launched the Destination Siaya Kababa Investment and Expo Summit.

Rasanga said he has a petition carrying the wishes of Siaya county, which he will give to Obama’s grandmother Mama Sarah Obama and Cord leader Raila Odinga to present to the President in their meetings.

The governor said the petition includes establishing generation project at Ndanu Falls.

“The county has many challenges and if we get support of the US President by endorsing the proposal and facilitating any project in the county, we will get a remedy to some of the problems,” Rasanga said.