Rampant suicidal cases worrying even as international community commemorates prevention

Suicidal cases have reached a worrying trend even as the international community moved to commemorate International Suicide Prevention Day early this week.

With at least four people committing suicide every day around the world, leaders in Kisii are now calling for concerted efforts to control the vice, after a university graduate hanged himself in Ichuni Sub location, Keroka area following a family disagreement on Monday.

According to area Senior Chief, Robert Osiemo, the deceased Oira Ronal Misiami who hailed from Nyamira County is said to have disagreed with his parents over his relationship with a young woman from the area.

The youth must have been disturbed by the parents’ move and decided to commit suicide near his girlfriend’s home, Osiemo said.

Speaking to KNA on Wednesday, Kisii Central OCPD, Francis Nguli said eight suicidal cases had been reported in the area this year alone, of which six were by hanging and twop by drowning.

Nguli said the victims age bracket fell between 24 to 45 years and their motive was mainly instigated by domestic related issues and a few by mental illnesses.

The OCPD called for creation of awareness on the causes of suicide though various forums, including barazas, church functions and media to minimize the trend.

The Coordinator for Kenya Counseling and Psychological Association Kisii chapter, George Masagara noted the rising trend of suicide incidents in homes, prisons, schools and among police officers among others and called for concerted effort to stamp it out.

Masagara attributed the rise to worsening cases of dysfunctional families and the society at large where regulations governing people’s behaviors was not being taken seriously.

He said in the final analysis people give up and decide to take away their own lives to escape from distress, contributed by harsh economic times and overwhelming responsibilities among other unmet needs, including joblessness.

Such people decide to commit suicide as the last option when they imagine it is better to die and escape from a life of troubles, Masagara said.

However, he urged the society to look out for tell signs saying susceptible people normally show signs of uncontrolled emotions like irritability, anger, lack of keeping hygienic standards and at times issuance of threats to kill themselves.

The counseling coordinator called upon the society to seek help from various therapy associations, ministry of health and religious organizations among others.

He appealed for love and acceptance to those who are psychologically disturbed to minimize chances of committing suicide.

Source: Kenya News Agency