Rains received in Laikipia fail to impact on crop production

The rains received in Laikipia County between the months of April and May impacted very little on crops and pasture development.

The County Co-ordinator National Drought Management Authority (NDMA), Parkolwa Mustapha said the rains were below normal and were poorly distributed in time and space.

Small improvement was noticed through the little rainfall received in the month of May but now the situation has started deteriorating again, he added.

Laikipia experiences long rains between the months of March and May and is among the 23 counties listed as hard hit by the drought which started in December 2016.

Parkolwa, who was speaking during a County Steering Group (CSG) meeting, said during the season, some areas in mixed farming and marginal mixed farming zones received some little rains in the month of May.

He noted that currently, there is so much movement of livestock towards Mt. Kenya and Aberdare ranges and community conflicts were being witnessed along the way.

The coordinator added that Igwamiti, Ngarua and Nyahururu areas may get out of season rainfall between now and the kick off of the short rains in October.

He said it was unfortunate that the County Government of Laikipia, unlike counties in Northern Kenya, does not plan for droughts which were prevalent in the area through putting in place measures to counter them.

Counties in Northern Kenya take drought very seriously and are putting in place every possible measures to counter them and ensure people and livestock are safe at all times,” he noted.

Parkolwa said the October/ November short rainfall expectation picture given by the local Meteorological Department is not good and appealed to various actors to help in putting in place measures to counter the situation.

He called on the local people to invest in reservoirs to harvest rains water whenever possible to avoid walking long distances in search of the precious commodity.

Source: Kenya News Agency