Rainfall exposes poor drainage system in Lodwar

A down pour lasting over 10 hours Wednesday night exposed the sleepy nature of the town’s drainage system which was unable to cope with the resultant runoff.

Residents were Thursday forced to walk in murky waters as most roads remained submerged in water.

What started as a relief following days and nights of high temperatures and dust turned out to be a challenge to the residents of the county headquarters.

At Lodwar County Referral Hospital, bodaboda operators cashed in on the hapless residents increasing the cost of transporting patients and visitors to the hospital.

The motorbike taxi operators were charging Sh. 50 for passengers willing to enter the hospital compound because the entrance into the hospital was flooded. Those who were not willing to part with Sh 50 had to wade through the muddy waters.

I am shocked at the greed being exhibited by the bodaboda riders, said James Ekai.

Passengers travelling to Kakuma or Kalokol from Lodwar were also forced to cancel their journeys as the river Kawalase which is about two kilometers from Lodwar town had burst its banks.

I was supposed to be attending a meeting at Elite Springs near Lake Turkana but I have to cancel my journey because River Kawalase has made the road impassable, said the county National Aids Control Council Coordinator Bernard Mwaura.

Source: Kenya News Agency