Quarantine issue in Mt Elgon following the outbreak of lumpy skin disease

The Department of Veterinary Services in Bungoma County has issued a quarantine following an outbreak of lumpy skin disease (LSD) in Cheptais Sub County.

According to the Sub county Veterinary Officer Moses Masinde, the notice takes effect immediately and would remain in force until withdrawn.

Masinde said the quarantine outlawed movement of animals from and into the area without written permission from the director of veterinary services.

It further states that all stocks in the area shall be herded as far as possible from the public roads.

Carcasses of animal dying from the disease shall forth with be either buried at a depth of not less than four feet below the surface of the ground or burnt at owner’s costs, noted Masinde.

He called on relevant government agencies including officers from the Ministry of Co-ordination and Interior Affairs to ensure that the notice was adhered to.

The veterinarian however said they were yet to establish the number of cows that might have died of the disease adding 20 cases have so far been reported to his office.

Masinde stated that Lumpy skin disease (LSD) causes severe and permanent damage to animal skins and its other symptoms were similar to foot and mouth disease.

The officer said the disease causes lesions in the mouth, throat and respiratory tract resulting in a rapid deterioration of the animal’s health.

He assured Bungoma residents that the County Government through the veterinary department will soon start a vaccination exercise to prevent the disease from spreading.

Source: Kenya News Agency