Pyrethrum farmers demand tenants pay rent arrears

Pyrethrum farmers in Nakuru County want defaulting tenants of 140 houses owned by the insolvent Pyrethrum Processing Company of Kenya (PPCK) compelled to pay Sh.300 million in rent arrears to enable the company operate.

The farmers also want the PPCK to declare the identity of the tenants of the dilapidated mansions in the leafy suburb of Milimani area in Nakuru town.

Through their spokesman, David Manyara, the farmers who accuse PPCK of owing them billions of money in unpaid flower deliveries say if managed within the law, the properties can offset the companys debts that are driving it to its death bed.

Speaking to the media while touring some of the houses at Milimani area in Nakuru, Manyara told reporters that the houses ought to rake in Sh.4 Million a month in rent, but PPCK is only collecting Sh. 1 Million monthly.

He said as at May this year, the company through a private real estate consultant had only managed to collect and account for Sh. 400,000.

This months arrears bring the total amount owed to Sh.520 million which he says can help settle part of the long standing pension dispute going back three decades between the companys pensioners and the board of management .

The arrears are expected to go up in coming months considering that most former employees occupying other middle level houses say they have no means to honor the tenancy agreement they have with the company, seeing that the company has not been paying them their dues.

The said estates in down town Nakuru house over 80 families.

Ownership and management of the companys assets has become increasingly contentious pitting farmers against the management that is struggling to shade off a reputation of graft and inefficiency.

Manyara says the vacation notice was issued five years ago and yet to be honored, noting that farmers may push for an eviction, a move he says will see farmers get new tenants who will pay them their dues on time every month.

Source: Kenya News Agency