Pupils, Parents Cry over Submerging School

Parents and pupils of Gatirima Primary school in Laikipia County have decried the deplorable condition of the school, as it continued to be submerged in a nearby swamp.

The pupils that have to bear with sinking earthen floors and water springing all over the compound, fear for their lives while at the school as they risk injuries.

This morning, part of our floor sunk and we were evacuated to take our classes under a tree, noted Jonathan Kipchumba, a class four pupil at the school.

A tour at the school revealed that trenches crisscrossed the entire compound, toilets filled to the brim overflowing to the playing ground and only a small section was left for the students to rest while taking their meals and playing.

The rate of absenteeism here remains high as the pupils often fall sick. The wet classroom floors have exposed them to flu and pneumonia, while they risk contracting cholera and other waterborne diseases, noted the school’s Headteacher, Peter Muriithi.

He added that the school had made proposals to the Ministry of Education to help boost the parents efforts in reclaiming the submerging land, the school has occupied since 1977.

The school’s board of management chairman, Simon Kiptisia regretted that the poverty levels in the community could not allow them to compel parents to build extra classes to replace the wooden ones.

The only access road is now submerged into the swamp feeding Lake Baringo. Children crossing a make-shift bridge to the school, risk drowning and we are forced to pick them to and from school, to add to the worries of the sinking floors in the semi-permanent structures, cried Kiptisia, who is also a parent at the school.

They called on both the national and county governments to consider reconstructing the school

Source: Kenya News Agency