Public urged to support the police in curbing drug menace

An anti-drug activist from Kirinyaga County has challenged leaders to take a central role in addressing ills the affecting members of the society.

Speaking on Sunday at Kagumo town during an open anti-drug rally, David Kaburu claimed that many of those in leadership positions are busy misleading the public instead of tackling the ills ruining the lives of the masses.

Kaburu who is chairman of Fountain of Hope, a local CBO fighting drug abuse, alcoholism and prevention and control of HIV/Aids in Kirinyaga claimed that both leaders and the public have a role to play in ensuring problems such as drug and substance abuse in the society are resolved.

It is disheartening to see leaders who are supposed to guide members of the community are the ones misleading them. For instance, some of the proprietors of well-known bars and brewers flouting the Alcoholic Drinks Control Act were former legislators in this county, claimed Kaburu.

The chairman also used the occasion to encourage members of the public to work with security personnel in curbing drug menace.

During the function which drew participants from various churches, Nacada, Administration Police and upcoming artists, organizers urged members of the public to go for free HIV/Aids testing in order to know their health status.

A youth mobilization group, Chanukeni offered free HIV/Aids counseling and testing in which 33 people turned out for the exercise.

Kaburu also called upon chiefs and police to help enforce the liquor legislation by ensuring that bar owners operate only during stipulated hours.

Some bar owners have taken advantage of the laxity in enforcing the Alcoholic Drinks Control act by opening their business during the wrong hours.

Chiefs and their assistants have similarly reneged on their responsibility in arresting rampant brewing and selling of illicit alcohol in the county something which is clearly ruining our people, said Kaburu.

He also cautioned youths against being duped by politicians through illicit brews and drugs to engage in acts of lawlessness, saying the move will not only impact negatively on them but also affect their future engagements

Some parents expose their children to alcoholism and other antisocial behaviors in the name of amusement. This is setting a bad precedence to our children as they will eventually become curious and start experimenting on their own leading to addiction, said the chairman.

Source: Kenya News Agency