Public urged to Support police in curbing cattle theft

Borabu Sub-county commissioner, Michael Lesirma has urged members of the public to support efforts by security teams in curbing cattle theft.

Speaking at Nyansiongo Saturday, Lesirma observed that members of the public understood their area well, and if they shared information on suspects, the police would be able to apprehend the culprits with ease.

He noted that residents of Borabu in Nyamira County have suffered for long due to cattle theft, and reiterated that the government security agencies were already narrowing in on the vice.

The DCC said that over the weekend, police were able to recover four herd of stolen cattle at Ndanai in the neighbouring Sotik Sub-county, following a tip-off from members of the public.

The cows were reportedly stolen from a homestead in Kebuse area in Esise ward of Nyamira County.

On his part, Borabu Police boss, Timothy Mwanzia hailed the public for collaborating with the police in combating crime in the area, saying public involvement was crucial in unraveling the incessant cattle rustling menace.

He promised total confidentiality on information volunteered by members of the public, and urged them to always come forward and help the police for their own benefit.

Source: Kenya News Agency