Public outcry over increasing cases of stray dogs

Public health officials in Moyale have raised concern over the increasing cases of stray dogs, warning that they were posing a health risk to the residents.

Speaking during an interview on Friday, the Central Division Public Health Officer, Roba Golicha Iya said the canines were crossing into the country from a border town of neighbouring Ethiopia.

The officer observed that beside the stray hounds being a health risk to the residents, they were also posing a risk to the health of the livestock.

He said they were liaising with the Department of Livestock to put in place mechanisms to arrest the situation, noting that the stray dogs had become a menace within the Central Business District of Moyale town, especially at night.

These stray dogs are likely to transmit rabies, and treatment for rabies is very costly, Roba said.

He said some stray mongrels have been reported to have bitten school children while on their way to school, early in the morning while scavenging for food at garbage collection points in the town.

Roba also cautioned livestock owners against letting loose their sheep and goats to roam in the town, saying it was illegal and that they were irritating businesses.

Source: Kenya News Agency