Public Asked to be Wary of Imposters

Nakuru County Police Commander (CPC) Hassan Barua has issued an alert to members of the public in the area to be wary of criminals impersonating senior public officers including the County Commissioner while defrauding them of cash.

Mr. Barua said the masqueraders have been calling individuals including administrative officers and directing them to send money through M-pesa on specific mobile numbers to allegedly facilitate the issuance to them of guns and motorcycles among other items supposedly from government.

The alert comes in the wake of revelations that impostors masquerading as the County Commissioner and Police Commander have been defrauding citizens of cash ranging from s2,000 and above.

Some residents have already fallen prey to the schemes engineered by the fraudsters, Mr. Barua revealed.

The police commander who spoke in his office said a large number of people in the county had been conned of large sums of money by the said criminals depending on the ‘items to be supplied’ after they were made to believe the calls emanated from the said senior officers.

He said security agents had launched investigations into the claims after they received reports from concerned citizens asking for clarification on the issuance of the alleged items.

While calling on members of the public to report such cases for action to be taken, Barua cautioned them against sending money to 0780003338, 0722521619, 0733824073 and 0780011088 saying initial investigations had revealed that they were frequently used to defraud unsuspecting residents of their cash.

He at the same time said that initial investigations launched following similar complaints at the beginning of the month had traced the calls to convicts in various prisons but wondered why people still fell prey to the schemes of the criminals despite having been warned during celebrations to mark this year’s Madaraka day.

Residents should ignore callers from these numbers as they have been linked to some of the cases reported to us, he added.

Source: Kenya News Agency