PSV Vehicles impounded over obscene content

Film Classification Board officials in Nakuru on Monday mounted a crackdown on public vehicles displaying pornographic material and impounded vehicles.

The vehicles were impounded were playing obscene music and screening pornographic content.

The officers, led by Dokatu Jirma, assisted by police officers set up the operation along the Nakuru Nyahururu highway.

The operation was also extended to the town centre, where vehicles plying the CBD � Langa Langa route were inspected.

The crackdown comes amidst a nationwide exercise commissioned by the Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua who put on notice operators of public service vehicles displaying obscene material in their vehicles.

Dokatu told the press that the exercise would continue as to rid public transport of obscene contentadding that the operators of the impounded motor vehicles would be arraigned in court today to answer to charges of playing pornographic material in public.

Dokatu said her office had received complaints from members of the public that public service vehicles operating within some town service routes were playing obscene music and displaying pornographic movies, thereby causing them great embarrassment.

She commended the public for active participation in ensuring their rights are not infringed and called for a continued partnership with a view to ensuring moral degradation is tamed.

We have carried out investigations and we have received complaints that there are some vehicles which are airing obscene content, hence the crackdown. We call on the public to continue supporting the campaign, she said.

Speaking in Mombasa on Monday when he launched the campaign, Mutua expressed concern that PSV’s are displaying content laced with pornographic materials which are destroying the moral fabric of society.

Mutua said the vice undermines national values and morality, promising it will not continue under his watch.

He called on law enforcers and the judiciary to partner with the film regulator to win the war against unpalatable material in vehicles.

Source: Kenya News Agency