Prosecute chaotic Murang’a MCAs, says governor Wa Iria

The Murang’a Governor, Mwangi wa Iria has called on the police to arrest MCAs who caused chaos during a meeting held on Friday in a Kiambu hotel.

Wa Iria termed the meeting which was organized by Murang’a County Jubilee Party Chairman, Simon Gikuru as a death trap, saying a faction of MCAs had hired goons to attack their colleagues.

Mayhem erupted during the meeting which was held to change current Assembly leadership where some MCAs opposed the move occasioning squabbles that degenerated in to fist fights.

We have witnessed how some MCAs attacked their colleagues leaving them with serious injuries and that’s a criminal offense which the director of public prosecution should take action on, added the Governor, saying all those who perpetuated the fight should be arrested.

Wa Iria who was backed by Ahadi Kenya Trust Director, Dr. Stanley Kamau further proposed the Assembly remain in recess until the differences between the MCAs is solved.

With the current enmity and differences among our MCAs, nothing meaningful can be achieved. The Assembly is divided and I call the Jubilee party leadership to come in and solve the problem. He added.

A section of MCAs are said to be against the current leadership and the meeting was convened to replace them.

The governor castigated the branch acting party chairman for organizing the meeting without involving other elected leaders.

On his part, Ahadi Trust Director, Kamau condemned the incident terming it shameful.

Kamau said the MCAs have prioritized their personal interests forgetting their key responsibilities.

The county has been tainted by the incident where MCAs who are elected engage in fist fight like drunkards, posed Kamau who called the governor to ban meetings of county leaders from being held outside Murang’a.

Kamau, a renowned philanthropist in the county called on Jubilee leadership to crack the whip on rogue MCAs, saying the current lot has ashamed people of Murang’a. I suspect the chaos and division among MCAs are being instigated by some local leaders and if there are such people, they should be ashamed. He added

Source: Kenya News Agency