Professionals appeal for an all-inclusive county government

Nakuru governor-elect Lee Kinyanjui has been challenged to form an all-inclusive government to ensure diverse ethnic groups living in the cosmopolitan county are represented in the management of their resources.

Naivasha Professional Association (NPA) body claimed that for years Naivasha had been neglected with prime positions in the county government going to other areas despite the sub-county being the leading contributor of the County’s revenue.

NPA Chief Executive officer Absolom Mukhusi told Kinyanjui that he had a duty to share his cabinet slots equally among the eleven sub counties and ensure the county was united.

Addressing the press at a Naivasha hotel, Mukhusi said the sub county was the highest income earner adding that as such it should be considered as far as the management of these resources was concerned.

Mukhusi said about 70 percent of industries that the county relies are based in Naivasha. We have large scale sand harvesting, hundreds of flower farms, fresh water lake used for tourism and two national parks and we will not accept anything short of prime positions in the county, he said.

NPA chairman Eskimos Kobia added that all county elective positions went to Nakuru in the last government.

The governor, senator, Women Representative all come from Nakuru and Kuresoi areas and it is very likely that the Speaker’s slot will also come from that side, so we need several slots in the cabinet, Kobia said.

Source: Kenya News Agency