Procurement in Laikipia to be done on IFMIS portal

Laikipia County government has closed down its manual procurement services, County Chief Officer, Paula Waweru has said.

Waweru noted that the move is aimed at eliminating corruption and promoting transparency in the County ‘systems.

He said following the shutdown, the County government in conjunction with National Treasury will this week be holding a four day training for procurement officers, contractors and suppliers on e-sourcing at a Nanyuki hotel.

Waweru said the officers attending the training which kicked off today are drawn from the County government and County Assembly.

He added that the County government has asked the Integrated Management Information System (IFMIS) directorate to disable the auto- creation module that allows the County officers to procure or source goods or services manually and feed the system later.

With the closure of manual systems, all procurement and actions like requisitions , sourcing and committing of local purchase orders will be done on the IFMIS portal,’ Waweru noted.

He pointed out that the idea to close the manual system is geared towards increasing transparency, efficiency and promoting competitiveness in sourcing.

We will eradicate bid- rigging, bid rotation, delayed payments and off budget commitments. We want to increase our suppliers ‘confidence that once they supply goods they shall be paid the finance CO added.

He warned contractors and suppliers against going about any government work without an IFMIS generated purchase order.

Waweru said the training on IFMIS is part of the public service reforms being initiated by Governor Ndiritu Muriithi to ensure efficiency in the service.

In May this year, during the inaugural suppliers and contractors development programme, Laikipia Governor Ndiritu Muriithi, said that his government will ensure that suppliers will be paid for their service within 14 days after delivery of goods and services.

The County government is at the same time in the process of activating the operations management systems, to help in managing human resources and contractors and suppliers in tracking their invoices online.

Source: Kenya News Agency