Process children’s birth certificate early enough, residents advised

Residents of Gucha Sub- County have been advised to stop last minute rush syndrome in processing their children’s birth certificates, since managing hundreds of applicants by registration office may turn cumbersome.

The Gucha sub county Registrar of Births, Peter Otieno said the process of registration for birth certificates that takes less than an hour to be finalized has turned chaotic since the start of this year, with hundreds of late applicants with children in class eight flocking the office, since candidates cannot register for KCPE without birth certificates, hence the mad rush.

Parents are less bothered to process birth certificates for their children early enough and only wait till the last minute, when it’s mandatory to have it and then they rush to our office and expect to be prioritized and be the first ones to be served, as a matter of urgency, he said.

He pointed out that most parents never bother to take advantage of the office’s initiative to register their children when it is done at the Sub-location and location levels to lessen the congestion and stressful experience they undergo while doing last minute registration.

A birth certificate is the sole identification document for any person born in Kenya below 18 years and enables that particular person to access various services that will require their authentic identification and parents must, therefore, initiate the process of acquiring this crucial document few months after birth of their children, the registrar emphasized.

Otieno urged all those who have applied for birth certificates for their children in Gucha to be patient as they are working round the clock to ensure that they process all certificates duly applied for so that their children can be allowed to register for KCPE before the deadline.

Source: Kenya News Agency