Private schools want equal selection for form one intake.

A private schools lobby group is asking the government not to discriminate pupils from private schools during the 2016 form one selection intake.

The West Pokot Private School Heads Association chairman Albert Mayende who is the head teacher of Makutano Central Academy said the selection should be fair and pupils from private schools should be given equal chance with those in public schools during the exercise.

Speaking in his office Mayende said those who have qualified to join form one should be given slots in secondary school of their choice regardless of whether they went to private or public schools.

“All are Kenyans and they deserve to be treated equally. The two slots allocated for top students from each sub county should be given to pupils with top marks regardless of the schools they come from,” he said.

On exam cheating, the head teachers also asked the Kenya National Examinational council (KNEC) to arrest and prosecute those who were behind the circulation of fake exam papers, saying KNEC should use all methods possible to ensure that the culprits are arrested.

“What we are appealing to the Knec is to ensure that those who were circulating the fake exam papers are arrested as soon as possible because are out to destroy our education system,” he said.

A 12 year old girl, Moureen Chepnga’at with 436 marks from Town View Academy tops in the school as well as in the county and wants to be a neuro-surgeon.

The best boy, Edwin Riwo with 411 marks was from Makutano Academy.

Mr. Mayende attributed the success of the boy to unity of purpose among teachers and pupils in the school.

By John Saina