Private School Owners Cry Foul

Proprietors of private schools in Trans Nzoia have faulted the government for leaving out children learning in private schools in text book distribution programme.

Speaking on behalf of other private school owners during a press conference in Kitale on Wednesday, an official from the Private Schools Association and owner of Lamplighter School in Kitale, Joseph Keter said that the move is discriminatory and disadvantaged learners from private schools.

What I want to tell the government is that the text book programme is an exercise involving text payer’s monies and parents of children in private schools also pays taxes and should therefore not be discriminated against, he said.

He added, We expect the government to supply text books to all schools and not only in public institutions since the government has a responsibility to safeguard the interests of all learners,.

According to the proprietor of Lamplighter School, the government should embrace an all -inclusive approach in its programmes and asked the education ministry to review the policy on textbook distribution to include learners from private schools.

Any programme which directly benefits the learner should not be offered selectively with those in public schools being given preference compared to those in private institutions, he noted.

Speaking during the same function, owner of Aida Star Academy, Ms. Regina Kitivi called on the government to review education policies that selectively benefited learners of public schools.

Our institutions supplement the government’s initiative of ensuring every Kenyan child has access to education. We should therefore be seen as partners and not rivals, said Ms. Kitivi.

They however, hailed the government for introducing and implementing Competence Based Curriculum, which they said, had excited most learners.

Source: Kenya News Agency