Prioritize children concerns, parents told

Molo Sub-County Children officer Edwin Njagi has warned that action would be taken against parents who neglected their children to roam in the streets instead of being in learning institutions.

Njagi noted that many parents had formed this habit expecting the government to provide the basic needs of the children adding: This is wrong as all parents have an obligation in the contribution of their children welfare.

He said Charitable Children Institutions (CCIs) in the area had limited capacity to handle the increasing numbers thus the need to ensure that the family unit is maintained to address the challenge.

This kind of trend is attributed to poverty and lack of education and there is need to publicise the available government children programs like the secondary school presidential bursary fund and orphans and vulnerable cash transfer programs, he noted.

These are programs meant to benefit the vulnerable children to enable them acquire education irrespective of their backgrounds.

His sentiments come in the wake rising numbers of street children in the town.

Njagi, who was speaking at an Area Advisory Council (AAC) meeting, said that culpable parents would be charged in court.

Last week, the office received seven children and a grandchild of a couple who abandoned them after being unable to cater for their basic needs.

It was established that the children had for two months been under the care of the first born who sought for menial jobs to provide food for the siblings. Whenever the minor failed to get a job, they all ended up on the streets to beg.

Upon intervention of the children office, they were placed in children homes and the department was working closely with the police to trace and prosecute their parents.

Source: Kenya News Agency