NAIROBI Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, who is on a private visit to Kenya, has held discussions here with President Uhuru Kenyatta on various areas of co-operation and the close ties between Kenya and Britain, especially on conservation.

The president expressed appreciation for the Duke’s involvement and support in wildlife conservation and highlighted Kenya’s progress in combating poaching. The president disclosed that next month he would preside over the torching of 120 tonnes of ivory and 1.5 tonnes of rhinoceros horn.

“We are determined to conserve our wildlife for posterity and welcome all the support we can get in this endeavour,” said President Kenyatta, who added that the destruction of the ivory and rhino horn will send a strong message that trade in illegal wildlife trophies would not be tolerated.

The Head of State said Kenya was keen on working closely with its neighbours and development partners in wildlife conservation. He expressed the need to involve local communities in conservation efforts, saying this would benefit people and help reduce human-wildlife conflict.

Prince William assured President Kenyatta of his support for the Kenyan government’s efforts to conserve wildlife. “If there is anything I can do to raise the profile in your efforts to conserve wildlife I will do it,” he said.

President Kenyatta and the Duke of Cambridge also discussed security and the war against terrorism with the president emphasising the need to deal with the root causes of radicalisation.

The Duke commended Kenya’s leading role in the war against terrorism in Somalia.

The Duke, who arrived in the country on a private visit earlier Thursday, is the President of United For Wildlife, an alliance of seven of the world’s most influential conservation organizations.

While in the country, the Duke will see first-hand some of Kenya’s long-standing conservation and anti-poaching initiatives supported by Tusk Trust, a charity organization of which he is Royal Patron.

The Duke was accompanied by Cabinet Secretary (Minister) for Environment and Natural Resources Professor Judi Wakhungu when he called on President Kenyatta.

Source: KBC