The National Police Service is currently implementing a transformational agenda geared towards making it more professional, responsive, and people-centred as envisioned by the Constitution of Kenya, 2010. The On- going reform process aims at creating an efficient and effective Service capable of meeting the needs of 21st Century policing.

We have reviewed the systems of command and control and carried out a reorganization of the command structure of the National Police Service with a view to improving service delivery to Mwananchi. We have also harmonized the command and control structures of the various formations and specialized units.

This has resulted in a massive reassignment of officers including those charged with VIP protection and protection of vital installations. An audit revealed that some VIPs had more than the allowed number of officers, while others had gone further to reassign the excess officers to unentitled entities. We also discovered that some close protection officers were from units which are not specialized for such duties.

The reorganization process is therefore necessary for us to have order and ensure that the protection of a few is not at the expense of service delivery to the majority of Kenyans. This will affect some of the persons who have been enjoying protection from multiple officers but the result will be a more harmonized and well-coordinated close protection service by the police.

The National Police Service will continue to serve all Kenyans in a non-partisan, highly responsive manner guided by a high fidelity to the law to ensure that all are able to live in a secure and safe environment.

Source: National Police Service.