President Uhuru Kenyatta meeting with governors pushed to December


A meeting between President Uhuru Kenyatta and governors that was to look into the financial crises facing counties has been rescheduled to December.

Council of Governors chairman Peter Munya said the intergovernmental summit was postponed following a request by some of the governors.

“The summit will now be held on December 3 and 4,” Mr Munya told journalists in his office in Meru Town.

President Kenyatta’s visit to Western Kenya which ended on Monday also contributed to the postponement.

The summit, chaired by the President, is supposed to be organised twice a year but none has been held this year.

Mr Munya said the financial difficulties that have left many counties in the red is to feature prominently during the December talks.

“The delayed disbursement of funds to the counties by the National Treasury is one of the agendas that will be discussed.

“There is serious delay in the disbursement of the funds. Contractors are unhappy because they have not been paid,” the chairman said.


Although the national government is supposed to give money to the counties on a monthly basis, Mr Munya said many of the devolved units have only received allocations up to August 2015.

“Less than 10 counties have received money up to September and October.

“The excuse the National Treasury has been giving is that sometimes they see unspent money in the accounts yet sometimes the money has been set aside for salaries because counties are not sure when the allocations for that money will be given,” Mr Munya said.

He added: “The delays are unfair and unacceptable as we are unable to run our affairs and programmes. The delay has made us not to carry out our mandate as we have been denied required resources.”

Mr Munya, who is also the Meru governor, accused the National Treasury of continuing to ignore the Constitution and the Public Finance Management Act, 2012 by releasing money irregularly to the county governments.

He said the poor cash flow hampers service delivery.

The National Treasury is obligated under the provisions of the Public Finance Management Act, 2012 to publish exchequer releases on a quarterly basis.