President Kenyatta pledges to continue delivering development in Kilifi, whole of Kenya

KALOLENI, KILIFI COUNTY, President Uhuru Kenyatta today said the Jubilee Government will continue delivering development to the people of Kilifi and the wider Kenya.

The President said the Jubilee Government will continue delivering development to the whole country including regions where the majority always fall for empty rhetoric from the opposition.

The President said the Jubilee Government has built more roads than ever in history and would continue with its development work in the next five years.

In Kilifi, the President and Deputy President William Ruto cited some of the roads including Kaloleni � Mavueni which has already been completed, the road from Mariakani to Bamba, which is ongoing and the road from Malindi to Sala Gate (ongoing) and Marafa � Sabaki road.

The leaders also cited the tarmacking of the roads within Kaloleni town as part of the projects that have been implemented to change the face of Kilifi County.

The President said the opposition has specialized in propaganda to hoodwink many Kenyans about the reality of things including about the outcome of the August 8 elections.

If there is any cup our opponents can win easily it is the one for propaganda and many people fall for their propaganda, said the President.

He said the Jubilee Party trounced the opposition at all levels of the August 8 General Election and that was proved by the fact that Jubilee controls majority of County Governments, County Assemblies, the Senate and the National Assembly.

Out of 1400 MCAs jubilee has won 800 while Nasa has 600. Jubilee as a party won 170 Members of National Assembly compared to our opponent’s 120. In the Senate, Jubilee has 27 Senators while Nasa has 20. Out of 47 women reps, Jubilee won 31 while the opposition won 16 in total. Jubilee won 29 governors while the opposition won only 18. How could anyone say that Uhuru did not win the Presidency, said the President when he addressed residents of Kaloleni.

The President said he was confident of trouncing the opposition candidate again and with a bigger majority in the fresh October 26election.

He said the opposition candidate knew, even when he forced the nullification of the August 28 election outcome, that he cannot win majority votes, and that was why he has not embarked on asking for votes from Kenyans.

They (the opposition) are always at press conferences. But we are here to ask Kenyans to give us more votes again, said the President.

The Head of State said the opposition candidate wants to run away from the upcoming electoral contest.

He said his rival is free to quit the election if he wishes, adding that this would allow Kenyans to continue with their life.

From the day the court said we go back to the election, our opponent has been coming up with excuses. Yesterday I said that he wants to withdraw. If he is not ready for the election let him step aside so that Kenya can continue with its development, said the President. We will go on with developing Kenya, building roads and providing services that Kenyans need.

He added that Parliament was doing the right thing by making amendments to the election law to forestall a situation where the outcome of the October 26 election is again challenged and nullified on grounds that are not integral to the election process.

The President thanked the residents of Kaloleni for voting for him in the August 8 election.

The Deputy President said the election was nullified at the request of the opposition leader and he cannot have any justification to come up with endless excuses to avoid the contest.

He is the one who went to court and the court ordered a fresh election. The electoral commission has set a date and Kenyans are ready to resolve the issue at the ballot, said the DP.

Local leaders including Gideon Mungaro and nominated senator Zawadi Gona accompanied the President and his deputy.

Source: The President