President Jammeh determined to transform URR

The Gambian leader, His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr Yahya AJJ Jammeh Babili Mansa has promised to transform the development face of the Upper River Region (URR) in the coming years by installing electricity in every community and constructing roads.

He said the region has passed a hard test and the people have always shown him love and loyalty since the coming of the July 22nd Revolution in 1994.

Addressing thousands of APRC loyalists, cabinet ministers and other government officials at a meeting in Basse on Wednesday evening on day 10 of his nationwide dialogue with the people tour, President Jammeh told the people of the region that he would not wait until they weep for his help for him to come to their aid.

“In 1995, I told you that a day will come, you will not ask anything from me when I come here and that is becoming visible,” he said.

He said 5 years from now; with Allah’s power there will not be a community in the URR that will not have electricity and tar roads, while assuring them that from Basse to Fatoto and to Koina roads will be constructed by the grace of Allah.

The Gambian leader affirmed that the people of the region have suffered enough to access adequate health care, but that will soon be history by Allah’s will.

No complacency in public work

The Gambian leader further announced at the gathering that there would be no complacency in the execution of public works, saying in his government, any public officer who is not ready to work must be ready to go home.

He expressed dissatisfaction that there is only one doctor in the whole of URR which he said is undone. “I understand that Yerobaol used to have a doctor and that is even no more there. Anyone working in my government, my efforts should be their working tool, whether agriculture, fisheries or whatever sector.”

President Jammeh further reminded public officials that any of them who embarka on a trek in the name of national development must put agriculture, education and health as their major focus.