Premier Alan Winde on self-quarantine of Health MEC Nomafrench Mbombo

Statement by Premier Alan Winde in response to self-quarantine of Health Minister, Nomafrench Mbombo

Earlier today, with due care for fellow residents and in a responsible manner, the French Consul of Cape Town advised his contacts on social media that he had tested positive for COVID-19.

Due to her close engagement with him two days prior to him showing symptoms, Western Cape Health Minister, Nomafrench Mbombo, has undertaken to complete a period of self-quarantine as of this afternoon, as a precaution. She will be monitoring herself for any symptoms – such as a cough or fever – whilst working full-time from home.

Due to my exposure to Minister Mbombo over a lengthy period of time today, I have taken advice from our team of expert medical professionals around what is the appropriate course of action for me to take in such circumstances. I know there are many members of the public that are concerned for my health, who have reached out to me after seeing me seated next to the Minister on our Facebook live session just earlier this afternoon.

I would like to be clear – our medical experts have advised that there is no need for me to self-quarantine or be tested at this time.

I have noted and appreciate the above advice of our highly competent teams.

That said, earlier this week, I initiated steps to begin working from home, in accordance with the very same advice we have issued to businesses across the country. I have been fully enabled to work from home and will be doing so from this afternoon. My office has already prepared for me to take my important meetings over the phone, and I will be hosting the Cabinet meeting and other engagements over teleconferencing. I believe this is an effective and innovative way for us to conduct our business going forward, and once again implore all businesses that can allow some or all of their employees to work from home, to do so.

I will be working full steam ahead, with my primary focus being on limiting the spread of this virus.

Limiting the spread of this virus is up to us all.

It is imperative and urgent that all residents follow these steps:

1. Wash your hands properly and well, for 20 seconds every half an hour

2. Cough or sneeze into a tissue or the crook of your arm, and bin dirty tissues straight away

3. Keep a distance between yourself and others

4. Do not touch anyone, and do not touch your own face unless you have just washed your hands

5. Stay at home if you can, and especially if you feel any signs of illness

Together, let’s stop the spread.

Source: Government of South Africa