Poultry slaughter house

The Veterinary Department in Laikipia County, has recommended to the county government for the establishment of a poultry slaughter house in the County.

Laikipia East Sub- County Veterinary officer Dr. Mwaura Kiguru, warned of the risk of eating contaminated chicken meat.

“The department of veterinary is aware consumption of chicken meat in hotels in the county has increased and risk of sale of uninspected meat is a matter of great concern .The department intends to streamline the poultry value chain from production to consumption to ensure the channels are clean and clear,” Dr. Kiguru said.

He said a campaign is on-going to establish if the chicken meat being sold at eating places and in supermarkets in the County has been inspected.

“We have started visiting poultry keepers when they are slaughtering chicken for sale, to ensure hygiene is maintained and the meat is free of disease and fit for human consumption ,” he added.

Dr. Mwaura said livestock in the County is doing well. He warned there is a risk of outbreak of vector-borne diseases and worm infestations in livestock due to the on-going rains.

“The normal weather in Laikipia County during the month of January,is hot and dry and the heavy rains currently being experienced may affect the health of livestock,” he noted.

Dr. Mwaura said a vaccination exercise will begin soon due to an outbreak of foot and Mouth disease in some area.

By Margaret Kirera

Source: Kenya News Agency