Poor performance in KCSE attributed to lack of learning facilities

An NGO in Embu has embarked on an initiative to donate about 48 computers to selected day primary schools in the county before the end of the 2016.

General Secretary, Embrace ICT Mr Donald Baraka said the project was informed by poor performance registered in national examinations by many schools in remote areas of the county.

Speaking while launching the computer programme at Kangungi Secondary School in Mbeere South region Sunday, Baraka said the NGO will work with donors to fully supply the schools with computers and ensure that they have functional computer laboratories.

He said schools in remote areas are disadvantaged in terms of learning facilities and infrastructure and therefore they cannot match those in urban areas in terms of performance in national examinations.

“We want to compliment what the government is doing in the provision of ICT in schools. We are in an ICT era and we do not want our students to be left behind just because they come from remote areas,” said Baraka.

At the same function, a section of school heads in the remote Sub County attributed lack of facilities, especially computers and internet in their schools, to their dismal performance in national examinations.

Kangungi secondary school Principal Mr Albert Ngare, said unlike students in urban areas which are fully equipped with educational facilities, their students cannot engage in serious research due to lack of the facilities.

“How can our performance be ranked the same way as that of other schools that have all the facilities necessary for research? Here, we only rely on books. Other schools have not been connected to electricity. Our students are very disadvantaged in terms of education,” said Ngare.

The school which was established six years ago has about 100 students and received a mean grade of 3.7 in 2015’s KCSE.

By Muoki Charles

Source: News Agency