Police seize illegal weapons

Police in Narok Thursday launched an operation to seize illegal weapons believed to be used by the residents to cause tension in Esoit area of Trans Mara West Sub County.

During the operation that was led by Narok County Commandant Moffat Kangi, the police recovered 320 poisoned arrows, one G3 riffle with eight rounds of ammunition, 22 quivers and three spears.

The villages where the operation was conducted include Naibor, Tarakwet and Junction where on and off clashes have been experienced for a long time.

The operation comes after the expiry of 14 day ultimatum issued by the security team for residents to surrender all illegal firearms in their possession or face forceful disarmament.

Addressing the press, Narok County Administration police Commandant Thomas Ngeiwa however, said no suspect was arrested during the operation that took about five hours.

He said police took the initiative after it was discovered that firearms were being used to perpetuate crime and violence in the area.

Earlier, the security team had banned carrying of offensive weapons including traditional Maasai clubs and sticks in the area.

On Monday this week, residents of Mbogoria village in Esoit area woke up to a rude shock where eleven houses had been torched by unknown people.

According to the police, unknown people set fire to the houses belonging to the Kipsigis community at 5 am before disappearing into the darkness.

However, no one was injured in the incident as the families had earlier fled the area leaving the houses desolate.

There has been a longstanding boundary conflict between the Kipsigis and Maasai community leaving in the area, which is mainly attributed to land issue.

Land, water and grazing pasture have been identified to be among the main causes of the perennial conflict between the Kipsigis and the Maasai living in the larger Trans Mara, but politicians are also said to be inciting the residents.

A 2016 Police crime report says violent crimes, which take various forms such as carjackings, and criminal attacks with some turning fatal were on the rise in the country. This has been attributed to the proliferation of small arms in the country, most of which are in the wrong hands.

Source: Kenya News Agency