Police seize 1000 litres of illegal brew

An early morning raid on illicit brew dens by police today resulted in seizure of 1000 litres of illicit brew and arrest of 10 suspects near Isiolo town’s main market.

Deputy County Commissioner Kipchumba Rutto led the operation which started at dawn. The chang’aa and kangara liquor was packaged in unhygienic plastic containers.

Mr. Rutto said police and area Chief Hassan Hokicha laid an ambush early morning and pounced before those behind brewing and distribution could leave the premises.

He said it was illegal to carry out outlawed business however much the traders earned adding the culprits would be heavily penalized under the laws of the country.

The administrator said the crackdown would go on until the area was free of illicit liquor.

“I have directed chiefs to continue with the crackdown in order to eradicate the vice and ensure that all illicit brewers are arrested and prosecuted,” said Mr. Rutto

He lauded the chiefs and police for arresting the suspects and appealed to the residents to report suspects so that they could be apprehended.

The Deputy Commissioner said that the suspects will be arraigned in court later today.

The equipment used for preparing and storing the liquor were destroyed and some apparatus carried by police as exhibits.

By David Nduro