Police searching for suspects who killed a police officer

Police in Kwale County are pursuing three men suspected to have killed a police officer and stealing his AK 47 rifle at Shika Adabu in Waa location last week.

Speaking in his office on Wednesday, Matuga Sub-County OCPD, Mr. Patrick Oduma said that the police have been given three names of the suspects and will hunt them down until they are arrested.

Oduma said the officer killed was escorting a lorry ferrying maize flour from Mombasa to Waa location when gangsters pounced as they were off-loading bundles of maize flour in a shop.

However, Oduma denied claims that police officers have been harassing Bodaboda operators and seizing their motorcycles during their operations.

“We did not harass anyone but when we were carrying out the operations the motorcycle riders ran away and the officers take their motorcycles to the station for purposes of security”, he said.

He said police officers will not relent until the gun is recovered and the suspects believed to be in hiding in the area arrested.

By Grace Kambi/ Simon Guruba

Source: Kenya News Agency