Police pursue thug who escaped after killing two

Police in Kisumu have launched a manhunt for a gangster who escaped with gunshot wound after a shootout on Saturday.

The gangster was in the company of two others who were gunned down by the police at Obunga slums in Kisumu.

The Kisumu OCPD, Mutune Maweu said police are following crucial leads that will lead to the arrest of the suspect who is still at large.

The gangsters who were being trailed exchanged fire with the police before they were cornered and shot dead.

The OCPD said police were yet to unravel the identity of the two, urging any member of the public with information to assist the police with investigations.

He thanked members of the public who tipped police officers on the movements of the thugs. Police managed to recover a G3 riffle loaded with five round of ammunition from the gangsters.

According to the OCPD, cases of criminals using firearms have not been reported in Kisumu.

He observed that the gangsters might be using the firearms elsewhere and using Kisumu as their hideout.

Source: Kenya News Agency