Police on high alert following allegations of fake money distribution

Police in Kirinyaga County are on high alert after word went round that more than Sh 30 million in fake currency will be distributed in the area ahead of Jubilee party nominations.

Governor Joseph Ndathi says there were also allegations that some goons have been hired to cause chaos and mayhem while wearing reflective jackets bearing the County Government logo during the Jubilee nominations in order to reflect him negatively to the voters .

The county government had bought the jackets for the area boda boda riders which the masterminds of the plot will allegedly buy from the operators and wear them as they unleash terror and blame it on governor Joseph Ndathi.

The huge sums of the fake money are expected to be distributed to unsuspecting area residents by alleged tricksters masquerading as agents of Ndathi.

Ndathi has since distanced himself from the scheme claiming those behind the fake money conspiracy have the sole purpose of poisoning the minds of the voters during today’s nominations.

”Once a voter is given the fake money unknowingly and goes to a shop to buy goods, he will be told by the shop owners that the currency is fake,” he said.

An infuriated Ndathi said once such a potential voter gets humiliated by the shop owners he or she will leave the venue cursing him whereas he is not the source of such fake money.

He said he would expect nothing short of free and fair nominations which should be conducted in a peaceful environment so that only the best man or woman wins.

The vehicle bringing the money into the county was expected to arrive from Nairobi by 1 pm today with the ”cash” and then distributed into other smaller cars for further dishing out into all corners.

County Police Commander Joseph Nthenge said the allegations were rife and the governor had since alerted the security agents in the area.

”As for now we are treating the matter as mere allegations but we have put our security agents on high alert in the event of the occurrence of such an incident, ‘he said

The Commander further warned politicians who might have hired goons to cause mayhem in the county to take them elsewhere as such hooligans will be crashed on sight.

Source: Kenya News Agency