Police officer disappears after raping student in cell

A family in Teso North Constituency is seeking justice after a police officer allegedly raped their 19-year-old daughter on Thursday night, at Kotur Patrol base in Teso South Constituency, where she was being detained.

According to the victim’s father John Karani, their daughter, a form three student at Bumula Secondary School, Bungoma County, disappeared from their Akudiet village in Kocholia location Tuesday, after a disagreement with her mother, forcing them to report the matter to Malaba Police station.

The girl’s mother suspected she might have run away to her sister’s place in Kodedema area in Teso South, prompting the Officer Commanding Malaba police station to refer the distraught parents to Kotur Patrol base.

Indeed, they went to Kodedema on Thursday and found the girl there and since the matter was now with the police, family members had to report back having located the girl.

According to the father, upon reaching the police post, the two officers on duty Erick Kimongo and James Kinyua advised us to take the girl to Amukura Health Center to find out if she had been sexually assaulted but she tested negative.

When we came back, the two officers insisted that the girl be detained for the night as a punishment which we hesitantly accepted, Karani recounted.

But at midnight, one of the police officers, Kinyua, who has since gone missing, turned on the hapless girl, threatened her with a gun and knife before raping her.

After the act, the police officer went out of the cell and came back with a piece of paper he had written his phone number and two tablets, which he wanted the girl to take but she instead hid them, added the father.

Karani who now wants the case fast-tracked for the girl to get justice as a medical examination at Amukura health centre Friday confirmed that indeed the girl was raped.

Acting Busia County Police Commander Masai Makau confirmed the incident, adding that they have already launched investigations.

Makau said once the runaway police officer is arrested, he would be taken for DNA testing to ascertain if truly he was the one who raped the girl.

Source: Kenya News Agency