Police looking for FGM victims

Police in Marakwet East Sub County has launched a manhunt for two sisters aged 14 and 15 respectively, who were illegally circumcised. Police are also looking for their parents and the circumcisor.

The sub-county criminal investigations officer Jonathan Mwaluko said the parents Julius Chemweno and Anne Chemweno went into hiding, together with their two daughters after committing the offense.

Mwaluko said the police have partnered with the area chief Paul Chepkurui to look for the parents and the circumciser who are well known in the area.

The two minors underwent the outlawed practice at Kaptul village, Kipkaner location, and fled after the incident was reported to the area chief.

Former Anti-FGM board chair Linah Kilimo regretted the resurgence of the practice and called on the authorities to enforce the law, saying enough sensitization on the dangers of the practice had been carried out.

Kilimo called on parents to instead take their girls to school and leave them to mature and make their own decisions.

Source: Kenya News Agency