Police in search of Sh2million county equipment theft suspect

Police have launched a man-hunt for a suspect who stole equipment worth Sh 2million from Kwale county government offices on Thursday night.

According to sources, the theft at the governor’s press office appears to be an inside job since the thief seemingly used a master key to open the door.

Two laptops, two video cameras and a Television set among other items were stolen in the 2am incident

Interestingly, the theft occurred despite the fact that two guards were on duty and there were also Administration Police officers guarding the adjacent National Treasury offices.

The incident comes barely a month after thieves stole 96 tablets worth Sh3.5million donated by the government to Mwena Primary School, Lunga Lunga Sub-county, under the Digital Literacy Programme.

Matuga police Chief Mr. Michael Mwaura confirmed the incident saying some county workers may have colluded with the suspect in stealing the equipment.

We suspect the whole thing to be an inside job since the suspect easily gained entry into the office without breaking the door, said Mr. Mwaura.

The thief also entered other offices in the building which houses Public Service and Administration, Lands, Education and Pay roll departments.

Police managed to recover all the stolen items later courtesy of a driver of a Mombasa-bound Matatu who decided to drive into the local police station after becoming suspicious of the suspect who boarded the vehicle along with the loot in Kwale town at 4am.

On realizing what was happening, the suspect drew out a dagger and threatened to attack the driver after which he jumped out and fled leaving the loot behind, according to Mr. Mwaura

County Chief Officer for Public Service and Administration Nurain Mwatsahu, also suspected that some of their staff could have had a hand in the theft.

I can say this is a well-coordinated thing by people within this building since no doors were broken, he said.

Mr. Mwatsahu said the theft was similar to another one in which his laptop which had important information about staff was stolen from his office early this year.

We are disappointed by the laxity displayed by our enforcement officers on duty for it beats reason how they could not intervene, he said.

He said they could not rule out political interference by Governor Salim Mvurya’s opponents in a bid to access crucial information on his campaign strategies.

We think this incident has something to do with Governor’s political rivals who might want to know what’s going on in his offices, he said.

Mr. Mwaura said police had launched investigations in the incident while lauding the matatu crew for their quick and brave action which led to the recovery of the stolen items.

He said there was an understanding between the police and passenger service vehicle crew to contact them whenever suspicious characters boarded their vehicles at odd hours to curb crime in the area.

Source: Kenya News Agency