Police holding a middle aged man over love affair with a student

A twenty four year old man and sixteen year old female student have been arrested and booked at the Meru Police Station after they were found in a compromising situation in a hotel room on Tuesday.

Harrison Mucheke and his presumed lover were arrested almost immediately after booking a room at Shirikisho Boarding and Lodging at around 5.30 pm where the attendant called in the police on suspecting the girl was a student.

Mucheke tried to exonerate himself from the offence, saying the sixteen year old girl was not his lover as assumed by the attendant but was a relative, adding he had no intentions of having a sexual relationship with her.

On arrival, police officers sought the contact of the girl’s parents from her and they managed to call the father who confirmed that the girl was a form three student in a school in Meru County.

The embarrassed father said he had just parted with the daughter as she went back to school after having done the required shopping for her along with giving her the pocket money she needed for the term.

The father was more surprised to find his daughter in a hotel room in the company of a male stranger and without her school uniform.

Speaking to the media, the Officer Commanding the Station, Charles Kyoyo, said the case was under investigation to prefer appropriate charges against the duo for prosecution in a court of law.

He also commended the attendant at the social premises for taking the responsibility of informing the police in time, saying law enforcers needed more people to assist them catch up with crime perpetrators.

By Makaa Margaret