Police holding 55 year old man suspected defiling daughters

Police in Thika are holding a 55 year old man suspected to have defiled his two daughters at Kiandutu slums within Thika West Sub-County.

According to Thika West Deputy Administration Police Commandant (DAPC) Peter Nzimbi, the suspect , Samwel Nzuki separated with his wife of 15 years late2017 and demanded to be given custody of his daughters whom he has been living with since the beginning of this year.

Nzimbi said that neighbours reported the matter to Kiandutu police post after one of the girls confided with another child what their father has been doing to them when he gets home late in the night.

The neighbours also alerted a Child Welfare Officer stationed in Kiandutu slums who organised the rescue of the 2 girls.

Child Welfare Officer Harrison Macharia confirmed that they had rescued the two girls and taken them to Thika level 5 Hospital for treatment and later on have them placed in a Child rescue center.

He said that cases of child abuse are becoming very rampant in the slums of Kiandutu with members of the public not taking sexual abuse cases seriously.

The girls(name withheld) told KNA that their father has been sexually molesting them and warning them of dire consequences if they leaked the information to anyone.

Police arrested the suspect on Saturday night at around 10.00 pm and are holding him at the Kiandutu police post waiting for complainants to record statement.

Source: Kenya News Agency