Police gun down a robbery suspect

A suspect was early Friday gunned down in a botched robbery at Mbiri village, Njukiine Ward in Kirinyaga County.

His two accomplices escaped but were arrested by police as they engaged in a shop breaking spree at the area market.

On being searched by police, the felled suspect had only a mobile phone which enabled the law enforcers to establish he was from Kagumo town of Kirinyaga Central Sub-county.

An eye witness John Kimotho said the robbers were involved in a series of shop breaking from about 2 a.m.

After stealing from one shop, they would move to the next and empty the cash boxes and move to a nearby bar, Kimotho said.

Kimotho, whose home is next to the market, said he was woken up by loud bangs caused by the metal bars the suspects were using to break into the shops.

But little did these robbers know that our vigilante group had already alerted Administration Police whose camp is nearby, the witness said.

Kimotho said after the APs arrived at the scene, they ordered the suspects to surrender but they took off prompting the security officers to open fire shooting one dead.

His body remained at the scene until shortly after 8 a.m. this morning when it was moved to Embu County mortuary.

Contacted, Kirinyaga East Sub-county OCPD, Hassan Hussein said he was holed up in a meeting over the matter and would talk to the press later.

Source: Kenya News Agency