Police deployed to maintain peace in the disputed land

Scores of elders who are members of Kirinyaga mihirga kenda clans Sunday staged a peaceful demonstration claiming the controversial 44,000 acres of Mwea Trust land belonged to them.

The elders called on the government to resolve the boundary dispute surrounding the land which now is said to be in Embu County.

Waving twigs and placards, the elders claimed the land belonged to Kirinyaga and therefore the Embu County government has no business demarcating and issuing the land to their people.

Simon Muchiri who led the elders said they will not stop the demonstrations until the government intervened and have the land ownership dispute resolved.

Muchiri speaking to the media outside the Kirinyaga East sub county headquarters said the land was in Kirinyaga County but a senior politician from Mbeere influenced boundary changes in 1960s.

He said the forefathers had set aside the land for grazing purposes before the boundaries were changed and placed the land in Embu County.

All we are demanding is that the Embu County government stops interfering with the land until a case we filed in court is heard and determined, he said

He said they have sued seeking for the reverting of the land back to Kirinyaga so that they can share it out to their children.

Will not be party to any agreement with the Embu people to share the land as the land totally belongs to Kirinyaga, Muchiri said

All the land between river Rupingazi and the Tana River originally belonged to Kirinyaga and it must revert back to the county.

Police have since been deployed in the disputed area to maintain peace after last Friday’s conflict between the two neighbouring counties which left several people injured.

Source: Kenya News Agency