Police, Chiefs Cautioned against Hiding Drug Peddlers

Nyandarua County Commissioner, Boaz Cherutich has regretted that police officers and Chiefs were jeopardizing efforts to flush out illicit liquor sellers and bhang peddlers, by colluding with them.

Cherutich, said that the administrators were hinting on the ongoing operations beforehand, leading to nil results during raids.

We regret that the administrators have been collecting bribes from these peddlers and alerting them each time we launch operations. The information reaching us from the wananchi is quite timely yet all our efforts end up aborting as the officers try to protect these criminals, he cried while leading a multi-agency team in a weekend long cat and mouse chase with the illicit liquor sellers.

While promising instant promotions for chiefs who completely wiped out illegal substances in their jurisdiction, Cherutich also hinted on prompt sacking for those who continued to condone the vice, noting that they need not use government resources to jeopardize the gains made.

A multi-agency team, comprising of the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), Kenya Bureau Standards (KEBS), Anti-counterfeit agency and the area security agencies have been conducting raids to flush out illicit substances in the county.

Supermarkets and whole sellers have not been left out with a Nyahururu based water distributor arrested for selling the water without KEBS certification, with assorted wines on his shelves found to have no KRA rubber stamp.

More than 70 people were arrested during the Friday night crackdown that saw those engaged in illicit gaming, drinking alcohol before the stipulated hours and idlers in video watching joints.

Miraa and Muguka are on the rise in this area and their consumers are not aware of the long term effects of the stimulant. They use the anti-depressants among them veterinary drugs, to minimize the effects of the miraa, oblivious of the harm, regretted NACADAs Rev. Gachoka Wangai who has led his team in the raids.

Rev. Wangai also regretted that bhang peddlers had resulted to using school going children to traffic the drugs warning parents to alert their children not to be used to deliver unknown luggage.

Source: Kenya News Agency